Knowledge that every rider should possess! Whether you are a show jumper, a recreational rider or dressage rider. Anyone who sits on a horse, wants his or her horse to stay healthy for a long time and be happy to carry the rider! Learn how you can achieve this now!

Complete course with almost three hours of instructional videos.

Riding your horse responsibly

In this course the basic principles of biomechanics are translated into practice. Everything you need to know to be able to ride your horse responsibly, taking its physical capabilities into account. What is longitudinal bend? Why is longitudal bend essential to keep your horse healthy?

Are you also tired and confused by all the vague terminology used in dressage?

>Different terms that are used in dressage, such as withers opening, thrust, engaging the back, carrying power, active hindleg, durchlässigkeit, impulse, collection, horizontal balance and much more are explained based on biomechanics and training concepts.

>Learning principles

Does your horse refuse to do what you ask? Can’t get in touch with him? Is he protesting? Maybe he can’t physically do what you are asking. Or has he misunderstood you. In theory, Bastiaan explains the most important physical and mental principles that you should know about your horse. In practice, Bastiaan and Amber show you how to apply this dynamically. What problems you may encounter and how you can solve those problems.

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Course Includes

  • 12 Masterclass