Work in hand

Learn Work in Hand with your horse: 4 hours and 20 minutes of online educational material.

Work in Hand is a very fun and useful training method. It helps you communicate with your horse and improve contact. It is an ultimate training form to supple your horse and to teach him new exercises. Both for the recreational rider and the Grand Prix rider it is a valuable addition to riding.

Much attention is on the basics. We look at the bridle with the longeing cavesson and the available materials, how do you use everything correctly? The basic communication and all positions with which you can perform the basic exercises are discussed extensively. Just as you have to learn to sit properly and use your body properly when riding, you also have to learn to use your body correct by Work in Hand. When the basics are there you will quickly learn how you can perform lateral work. In Part 1 (modules 1 to 6) all lateral movements are explained. It is not only told what the exercises entail, but also how you perform it well and what is the use of it.

The most common mistakes are also shown and it is explained how you can prevent or resolve those mistakes

Piaffe and passage

For many riders, the piaffe and the passage are stumbling blocks. To make the transition to the Intermediaire II or the Grand Prix, the horse must master those exercises. Not every horse learns piaffe and passage easily, then Work in Hand can be a good solution. Without the weight of the rider, the horse can often use his body more easily during these difficult exercises. The learning process also takes place with less stress. Because the horse sees you and you see the horse, it is easier to communicate and explain.

Horses that already control the piaffe and passage also improve enormously in these exercises when they are also trained in hand.

For every rider

Work in Hand can therefore mean something for everyone. For example, think of older horses that you still want to keep fit, but a lot of riding is no longer desirable. For everyone who wants to get to know his horse better and who wants to have more fun in training. For horses that benefit from more gymnastic work or rehabilitation training. For the riders who adhere to piaffe and passage. For the riders who want to improve their piaffe and passage.

Do not hesitate and start today with Work in Hand! The course is set up in such a way that everyone can immediately achieve results!

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